The Important Info:

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  • Invoice Email: office@planbuild3d.com
  • Invoice Deadline: Close of business on Wednesday
  • Payment Day: The following Friday after invoice submission

Detailed Explanation:

  1. Fast Registration:

    • Using the Form, provide all the necessary details. This will ensure we don’t have any issues getting you set up on the system and get you verified with HMRC- ASAP 
  2. Invoice Submission:

    • For prompt payment, send your invoices to office@planbuild3d.com by the close of business on Wednesday.
    • Essential Invoice Details:
      • Full Legal Name or Business Name: As registered or as you’d like it to appear.
      • Contact Information: Address, phone number, and email address.
      • Unique Invoice Number: To prevent any potential confusion with past or future invoices.
      • Date: When the invoice is issued.
      • Description of Services/Goods Provided: Detailed, clear descriptions help avoid misunderstandings.
      • Total Amount Due: Clearly stated, with any taxes or additional fees included.
      • Payment Due Date: So we know by when you expect the payment.
      • Banking or Payment Details: Provide where you’d like to receive the payment.
  3. Payment Process:

    • After your invoice submission, expect payment on the following Friday. Our accounts team ensures all details are aligned for a smooth payment process.
    • The exact time funds reflect in your account can depend on your banking institution.
  4. Stay Informed:

    • We send out payment confirmations once payments are dispatched.
    • If you encounter any discrepancies or have further inquiries, do reach out to our accounts department.